Thursday, November 13, 2014

quick art

cold grey day in November.  a tad gloomy outside.  a bit sad inside, so i needed to do some quick happy art to keep moving forward.
yes, a little sad, but it's ok, it's a bittersweet kind of sad, satisfyingly peaceful, pure and good.

so i did a quick 2-page layout in my art journal.

first i gathered up some motivating images and phrases i'd cut out from magazines awhile back.

i got out my paints and chose ocean-y turquoise for the background, stamped on a wavy pattern in teal...

                        .and just for fun..some fiery red circles printed by dipping a jar lid in red paint.


                                           there. background complete.  now the hard part:
                                                   waiting for the paint to dry.

                                         a little break with some warm chai tea helps...

                                                 Time to glue on the images and words.                                                                  

                                               I love doing this...


                        ...doing this while listening to Christian worship music always helps me too...
                                               soon the day becomes less gloomy.

                                                                  and i like that.

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