Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a little blue


no words tonight.  not really.  just art.  swirls of blue.  yeah i'm a little blue tonight.  words can't express it well.  colors can.  swirls of the brush can.  this music does.  i express it in my breathing as my brush swoops through the colors and the music crescendos into deeper, darker colors, then pulls backs and lightens up, or switches direction.  this is my song.  my unseen performance.

i'm on a mermaid kick right now, really grooving these blues and purples and water images and free creatures, wild, abandoned to the bliss of the sea...  yeah and i'm also feeling a bit blue, no matter why, it'll all be ok, but these pictures speak many things to me.   i keep them in my sorta private art journal... where it's all about creating just for me mostly.. no pressure to make a canvas-perfect piece to hang on the wall... no pressure to make something i can sell...no.  this is just for me.  my me time.  my therapy.

i'll come back to this another time.  at least to share the finished product, if not a few sparse words about its meaning to me.  art doesn't need to be explained.  that's the beauty of it.  submerging again....

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