Saturday, February 21, 2015

Creative Every Day

Just another page in my art journal, keeping up the Creative Every Day Challenge that I'm trying to participate in as consistently as possible.  This was a challenge started by artist Leah Piken Kolidas several years ago, she has a website, an Etsy page for her art, a huge following, and here's the link to her facebook page:

She happens to be a great visual artist,  but her challenge applies to doing anything creative: photography, music, dance, whatever.  So I will try to keep up my creative endeavors on this blog, whether it's my art journal or a silly-ridiculous video I make with my crazy but too-smart-for-her-own-good videographer genius 12-year old daughter!

Anyway, this page is just a few cut-out magazine images to depict my passion: to go into overseas missions in impoverished nations.  Added some oil pastel borders and washed it all down with turquoise watercolors.  Simple, not rocket science, but it's better to get those pictures down in a display than shoved into a file in a dark metal cabinet for years.  Just like my dreams.  I'm tired of keeping them filed away in the dark.  Time to bust them open and see what I can do with them!

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