Monday, February 16, 2015

rhythm is an artist

ok i realize this blog is supposed to be about my artistic creations, but i'm widening its borders to include anything i feel fits in the category of art. including critiques of artistic performance.  So i'm cross-posting from another blog, because....

... i just kept thinking about this show i saw last night, recycled percussion.

Wanted to give a better picture of their ladder act, so i found it on youtube. take a look:

and then just another little teaser, shows you a bit more...

yes, it was entertaining.  you left with the thought of, yeah, that was a fun show. i said before, having seen STOMP several years ago...oh there's just no comparison.
as i'll show you in a sec, you leave a STOMP performance with more than just a "been there done that, enjoyed being an observer" kind of thought.  no, when you leave STOMP, a part of it goes with you.  a new love and appreciation for just pure rhythm.  the glory and fun that ANYONE can create on their own.  on their kitchen pans.  a broom tapping out a tune during a boring chore, a ball in sports, bottles of water, hands, feet, sticks, and oh yes, the majesty of loud clattery METAL GARBAGE CANS!!!!   You cannot leave STOMP without feeling rhythm in every next step you take, every physical movement you make, you think, hey this is a rhythm.  even the way your head jerks to look one way, the next.  it's a beat. keep that beat.  add a snap. a small noise.  double, triple it. that's it.  you don't need to be an experienced drummer or tap dancer to understand, to feel that marvelous creation God made when he created the elements of sound and time and how they interrelate. God created the universe in 7 days. actually 6.  so it was boom, boom, boom, boom,boom, boom, PAUSE.  a rhythm.  everything has rhythm!!!! it's so cool!!!

anyway, i know i'm getting carried away here. so go ahead and watch these next 2 youtube videos about STOMP, the first one's a short trailer, the next more of a documentary.  i hope you'll agree, how much better it is to really TEACH someone to fish, (or to drum) than merely to give them one.
happy rhythming!!!

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Image result for stomp performance

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