Thursday, April 9, 2015

fun with comics

Good morning!  aaaand it's good to be back.  been sick these past few days, not just a tiny sniffle but a slam-bam feverish blast to the couch for a long round of coughing, sneezing, headaches, nausea and just wanting to DIEEEEEEEE!!!!  

but...i started to perk up yesterday, and what i did first, like i usually do when i first start coming alive from the dead of a flu, is...i start rummaging through my old craft supplies, my stash, my horrific mound of creative, colorful, quirky bits of this and that which may one day win me a free spot on a Hoarders Episode...and i found, in my wonderful section of vintage ephemera...this old romance comic from the 60's, which i bought on eBay years ago: Heart Throbs!

I love these old comics, the artwork, the drama, the retro groovy i decided to have a little fun.  Put together this page in my art journal.  

My process:

Painted background neon green, added retro-ish stamps in purple and pink.
Photocopied comic image in black & white, colored with watercolor pencils. 
Glued images to page.  Added handwritten sentiment on white speech bubble.
Doodled with thin black marker.  that's about it.

          This was fun.  perhaps a little too fun.  Because right in the middle of it, i got so excited i went on eBay and bidded on and won a whole LOT of about 7 more of these vintage comics! (impulsive much?) oh dear.  i'd better have lots more creative ideas up my sleeve for how to use up these puppies...or i'm going to really have something to share on that next Hoarders episode!

                                            Stay tuned!!! (here on this blog, i mean!)
 I've been getting my hands nice & messy painting and gluing all kinds of stuff lately, so hopefully                                                 i'll be posting more of it here, too.  

                                                           Stay healthy, y'all!!

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