Thursday, April 16, 2015

life purpose collage

Good morning!  I've got a whole bunch of projects in progress right now, nothing yet to show, so today I just wanted to do a quick journal spread, just to quickly get in and out and actually finish something.  So here goes, something I call my "life purpose" collage:

              Just a few random pictures that jumped out at me as reminders of what I feel my heart's purpose, its mission is on this earth.

Speaking of the earth, I painted a blue, green and white circle to depict the earth and glued it down underneath these other images, though you can't really see it anymore.

                 So yeah, God's call to missions, feeding the hungry, schooling the unschooled, loving the needy, and celebrating Jesus with them in their home culture.  I feel like I was born with a love and adaptability to other cultures and peoples, love finding the common bonds and universal language of warmth and friendship.  Someday I want to live that out by living in a foreign country where I can minister among them while living among them.  Sure, there are a million ways to minister Christ's love to the people right here in the U.S., but somehow I just have this longing to take it overseas.  Live a simpler life.  Learn from people who get by on less, and still be able to share my own abundance with them, my time, my gifts, the love of the Lord.

                I have this little quote clipped above my work table:
               "Look for the dream that keeps coming back.  It is your destiny."
                                      Love it.

                      That, and I also love my kids' art tacked up on the other side of me.
              My little dabs of inspiration.  Keeps me going.   Never give up on your dreams.

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