Wednesday, June 10, 2015

changing it up

Rearranged my studio yesterday.
Moved some furniture, created a new L-shape configuration with my desk and the long table that i share with my daughter.  Reorganized some more stuff, put stuff that i use  most in places closest to me so i don't have to scramble and knock over water jars and the cats and get distracted trying to find what i need. 


It also gives me a nice view of the outside, through the bay windows facing our backyard.  I need to fill my eyeballs, my corneas, my iris or whatever that part of my eye-brain is...
that needs light and natural life to inspire me, to keep me breathing creatively.

But probably the main reason i do for the love of change.
i've always been motivated by change, it's an adrenalin junkie's fix in a boring sleepy suburbian lifestyle.  If i can't be hitchhiking across foreign countries with just a few bananas and my snorkel mask in my backpack, then let my crazy wanderlust spirit go wild in whatever small ways i can.

yes, if i had the choice, i would've lived in about 10 different places in these past 15 years, instead of just one.  So as i wake up to this realization of what my true nature really craves, i'm using art as a medium to reach my heart again, to stir up those passions, those feelings that become a rush of energy to motivate me to make larger changes...still over the horizon, not able to see them yet...and still so much painful ground to cover before i arrive.  or i shouldn't say arrive, i don't really believe in arriving.  you just keep journeying.

Buying a new coffee mug almost every beach trip i take is another guilty pleasure of mine.
i know i cannot really defend my impulsive choices, i guess it's the biggest "change" i can muster at this time, just a new sensation to warm my cupped palms in the morning, while dreaming of larger thrills on my journey onward.  waiting is so hard.

in the meantime, maybe these new paintbrushes will help.

That's it for now.  I've got more stuff to share, some paintings and collages i'm working on,
so i'll be back...eventually..

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