Thursday, June 4, 2015

hit me with your best shot

Threw together this art journal spread last night
based on the lyrics on the old 80's song by pat benatar...
..and inspired by the mood of the week!

I started by splashing on warm colors of paint and dyes,

                ....scrawling some of the lyrics on the side and then covering it up with gesso...

           ...adding this perky young vintage chick that looks like she had her head chopped off and                                pasted onto a vogue magazine-ish model figure... (it was!)

added this little subliminal image that sort of looks like she's doing her thing in a sports bar with tv screens showing the latest fight..

...and this is just a shot of a few of my leftover collage materials that i've been collecting, for such a time as now.  don't worry, they'll find a home in some other collage, another day.

that was fun!  art is so therapeutic!  now i need to get to the gym and box some of it out, too. 
anyway, thanks for stopping in!!!

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