Sunday, October 18, 2015

Moving Forward

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hello!   Like i said before, i've been a bit preoccupied and stressed lately...but i finally got around to messing around with my paints today, so i'll share it with you.

it was one of those times where i wasn't even the tiniest bit inspired to do art, but since my daughter was at the other side of the table making her own handpainted greeting cards, i decided to stick around and at least get my hands dirty.

i had an idea for an art journal, this theme of Moving Forward.  i recently came to the point where i am sick sick sick of being in this horrible stuck place of indecision, depression, and all things bad and dark and dreary...and it was time to move on.  regardless.  of a lot of things.  and in order to do that in a positive way and expect any positive outcomes whatsoever, i need to start THINKING positive. to have faith.  that's where my art comes in.  so i started throwing together this collage:

first layer, my usual ripped scraps of phone book and vintage book text, some colored scraps too.  gesso. (gesso is your friend!)  random messy drips of colored inks, first cool colors, then warm. add cut-out photos of model chicks strutting the catwalk.  (don't they just make you think, moving forward?? yeah me too.)

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(i also stenciled and stamped the words Moving Forward on the background, but they pretty much got covered up with the other stuff.)

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Then i added some cut-out words and phrases from magazines... glazed my strutting beauties with a bit more white gesso...

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and that's about it.  ta-da!!!  no big deal, just felt good to get that out of me.

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after this layout dried, i went ahead and flipped the page and started another totally different kind of collage on the next page.  i'll tell you about that next time.

thanks for stopping by!!!

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