Thursday, September 29, 2016


Creativity can be displayed in many different forms.  Art, music, planting a garden, designing a rocket or figuring out how to pick up a small object that fell behind the washing machine.  This week my act of creativity was... installing a pegboard in my craft room to hold my tools.

I know, it doesn't sound all that creative, but for someone who rarely touches power tools, this was kind of cool!

So here's the situation:  I wanted my craft tools close at hand, but I didn't want a ton of clutter on my table like there usually is.  So I thought a pegboard on the wall would be great.  But being also a very thrifty person, I realized that there already was a pegboard, 2 of them, really, on the wall of our new garage.  It was old and worn and dusty, but since nobody in this house knows carpentry and was going to be using this area as a real workbench, I decided to nab it.

But how?  Grabbed the power screwdriver, and got to work.  These screws were encrusted pretty deep into 2 layers of wood, and my batteries were running low, so I was pretty hot and sweaty after finally pulling that sucker off the wall...

Then I had to re-attach those skinny beams on the edges of the pegboard to put some space  between the board and the wall.  But the holes weren't lining up right, (it's complicated!) so I'd have to drill some new holes.  Power Tools!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!

Enjoyed waking up the neighbors with my power drill, out here on the screen porch..

(Me and my smoking gun!!)

Then I cleaned up the board, sanded it and gave it a fresh coat of white glossy paint.

                                                          Ta-da!!!   My finished product!!

Of course I'll rearrange all those hooks and tools a million times while using this pegboard, just as I'm constantly rearranging my craft room.   So I may post more photos of new arrangements as things evolve.  That's how creativity works, it's an evolving thing.  Constantly flowing.  Unfortunately I often get too caught up in the process of it that I forget about the finishing details and instead jump into a brand new project before finishing the first one.  

Anyway, while we're up here, let's take a quick peek at my mess.  This is one side of my craft room/guest room (where i sleep at night!!)   Basically just a dumping ground for all my supplies at this point.  Haven't figured out a plan of organization yet. (except for the pegboard, that was my first step.)

And here's where I sleep and where I make stuff. 

                                                   And here's just a few of my artsy fartsy books.

One last look. 
I love my hooks!

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